National Seminar Autumn 2010


Olymp Safety EquipmentLtd. by tradition organized a National Seminar which took place on the 30-th of September 2010 in Plovdiv at Maritsa’s Hotel. The subject wasInnovations in the field of Personal Protective EquipmentThere was presented a complex program of training lectures for the most innovative and modern technologies in the field of PPE with the following topics:

1.      BW Technologies by Honeywell world leader in monitoring of the working environment – the most diversity of gas detectors on the market – lecturer Iain Evans – Brand Manager for Italy and East Europe.

2.      JSP Oxford Englandthe innovator in the head and respiratory protection - lecturer Alina Wegrzyn Manager Customer Relations

МК8 EVOLUTIONthe only helmet in the world of its kindamazing strength and comfort

FILTERSPEC unique patented combination of respiratory and eye protection“Safety without compromise

Respirators  TYPHOON protection with the valve from new generation

3.      Scott Health & Safetyexclusive technologies in the field of the respiratory protectionfull face masks, breathing apparatus and special devices for Fire rescue and evacuationlecturer Stefan BeitnerBrand Manager for East Europe.



GS1 global forum and the application of the GS1 standards for successful business




The international organization GS1 carried out a global forum under the slogan "The power of GS1 to change the way we live and work" from 9 until the 13 February. The managing director of "Olymp - Safety Equipment", Boril Tashev, as well as a representative of the Bulgarian Association “Labor, Health, Safety” were among the 670 delegates from around 80 world countries and participated in opening the forum in Brussels. Bulgaria was represented by a delegation, with the administrator of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cvetan Simeonov, as its leader.

The event included parallel seminars on diverse topics inspiring many plenary sessions, meetings of the working groups, exhibits and conferences concerning important projects and key initiatives from all over the world.

The first day was devoted to the GS1 standards in healthcare. Among the lecturers were Mike Wallace (Abbott Laboratories), Steve Graham from the Ministry of Health of the United Kingdom and Daniel Torntun (GAVI Alliance). Moreover, Chris Reswebber (JM Smucker Co.), Richard Jenkins (Marks & Spencer) and Amitt Menipaz (e-Bay) presented the topic of “Retail trade”.

During the second day the main topics of the plenary sessions were the incorporation of GS1 standards in the transportation, the logistics and the quality of the presented data.

The application of the GS1 standards in the transportation and the logistics contribute to a more transparent service and reduces the time of delivery. Data about the results of the initiative for the harmonization of the e-messages in the United Kingdom was presented on the forum. It started in the early 2007 with a project by Tesco.

At first, the aviso of the delivery and the process of marking the delivery units of fresh food stood in the limelight. Gradually the project started to cover the rest of the products. As a result of the project a realization of savings amounting to 170 million pounds are expected in 2016.

David McNeil of OneSteel explained the advantages for the transportation companies of achieving a high level of transparency in the management of delivery “from start to end” in the intermodal transportation corridors.

A special attention was given to the “quality of data” for increasing the effectiveness, reducing the costs and ensuring the security of the consumers.

Striving for 100% data quality is a top priority for GS1, because the information stored in the services based on the GS1 standards, is used by various applications, end users and regulators. For example, data quality plays a critical role in presenting the nutritional information and allergens to the end users according to Regulation 1169/2011 of the EU.

The low quality of information affects the effectiveness of the processes in the distribution centers and the retail chains negatively. A current research in the field, carried out by Bayard Consulting shows that 70% of the items of one retail chain included in the research, lacks any kind of logistic size. This subsequently leads to problems with planning the transportation, storage and processing the deliveries.













World Day for Safety and Health at Work


We, the team of "Olymp - Safety Equipments", send greetings to our customers and partners on the occasion of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work!

We express our readiness for cooperation and welcome all initiatives of companies and institutions to improve the working conditions and to achieve a common goal -

We express our support and empathy with the families of those killed and injured in occupational accidents!


In memory of those killed in occupational accidents!


An event was organized on April 25, 2014, in South Park, behind the Earth and Man Museum, at 10:00 a.m. on the initiative of the CL Podkrepa /Confederation of Labour Podkrepa/, "Olymp - Safety Equipments" and "Bulgarian Association – Work, Health, Safety". That initiated a National campaign to mark the


In memory of those killed in occupational accidents /92 Bulgarian workers/ the same number of plants were sowed and a tribute was paid with a minute of silence. In the well-shaped garden with pieces of plants, a monument was placed, a symbol of the unity towards a common goal – a safe working environment.

The following official guests were at the event: Mrs. Dyankova - Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova - Mayor of Sofia, Mrs. Rumyana Mihailova - Executive Director of GLI /GENERAL LABOUR INSPECTORATE/, Mr. Konstantin Trenchev - President of CL Podkrepa, Mr. Ivan Andreev - chairman of the Bulgarian MGK and other official guests. They participated in the event program with speeches, which supported the initiative of the organizers.

The event is a call of the organizers for joint actions to comply with the requirements and regulations for safe and healthy working conditions. In response to the changing needs of the workplaces and the globalizing economy,
our mission is:
Our purpose:

Boril Tashev

In memory of those killed in occupational accidents!


Visit of Honeywell safety products - leading manufacturers of PPE


Representatives of Honeywell safety products visited "Olymp - Safety Equipments" in connection with new products - insurance lines, protective gloves, harnesses and etc. Meetings and trainings of leading companies and customers were held.

New calendars, notepads and notebooks


"Olymp - Safety Equipments" distributed new calendars, notepads and notebooks for 2014, through which it wishes its customers and partners success and it hopes to give assistance to the personal organization of each of them!

Round table organized by the BCCI /Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry/


The managing director of "Olymp - Safety Equipments", Boril Tashev, attended a round table meeting organized by the BCCI. Opportunities for recovery and development of small and medium businesses were discussed. The matter of the intercompany payments and the corporate indebtedness was tabled for discussion.

New 2014


"Olymp - Safety Equipments" congratulates its partners, customers and especially employees on new 2014 and wishes them health, happiness and success.

Final certification according ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007


Since 28.03.2011 Olymp Safety Equipment is working with Integrated System for Quality Management ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management ISO 14001:2004 and Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007. The certification was successfully finalized on the 05.08.2011.



New system for data exchange EDI


Having in mind the increase of activity of Olymp Safety Equipment Ltd. with the hyper chains in Bulgaria, an EDI system for process data was set up in the company on the 1-st of August 2011. It was integrated with a special additional module to the already existed Managing Business System. We hope that this will significantly optimize our activity with the chains and will lead to higher financial results.


Seminar Spring 2011


On the 17-th of May 2011“Olymp Safety Equipment”Ltd. is organizing a Seminar which will take place in Sofia at our Safety Center in Drujba 2 compl. from 14.00 h. The subject is “Innovations in the field of Safety at work in foot protection” 

We will present at your attention an educational lecture with the following topics:

1. The traumatism in the EU and Republic of Bulgaria – statistics, reasons and measures for preventing – lector of the General Labor Inspection. 

2. PPE for foot protection:

- Legislation actualizations defining the production requirements.

- New technologies and materials

- Adequate protection according to the characteristics and types of risk – new and avant-garde models – lector Louis Defraiteur – MTS – France – the innovator and world leader in the safety shoes production.

New products Safety lockout-tagout systems


Integrated System for Quality Management



New Safety Center in Sofia